Who we are

ICONA is born in Ivrea, on March 16 2018.

The project was promoted by Andrea Ardissone and Alberto Zambolin who, in 2017, worked to investigate in detail the possibility to convert Olivetti’s industrial heritage into a new project.

On 9 November 2017 the newly-incorporated company signed the preliminary agreement for the purchase of Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi of Camillo Olivetti.

Through a hectic schedule of meetings and intense networking, Andrea and Alberto managed to bring together twelve different partners sharing the vision and dream of restoring the role of Olivettian places as international point of reference for interpreting the economic and social changes and the future that awaits us.

The project

Mattoni Rossi will be again the international point of reference forsocial innovation and responsibility.

We strongly believe that the symbolic and practical value of Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi and of the Olivettian entrepreneurial approach is really precious and should be preserved.

Its reinterpretation in light of the contemporary world, as well as its projection in the current social context and in the build-up of the future of tomorrow, provide clear and profound keys for understanding and embracing change.

The Future Is Back Home


ICONA Srl comprises twelve partners holding equal quotas.

AEG Cooperativa.

AEG Cooperativa was established in 1901 in Ivrea as a cooperative undertaking, active in the distribution of electric light and motive power. Over time, it has specialized in the provision of methane gas and then in the sale of electricity. With over 20,000 members in the area, it plays an important role in the social and cultural fabric of the community.

Alfa srl.

Alfa, founded in the Seventies, was subsequently taken over by the Debernardi family, and it has been operating since the Eighties in the data processing sector. With a growing workforce, it now focuses on the preparation of payslips.


ESSECI has been active for over fifteen years in the field of industrial automation, including, in particular, numerical controls, becoming a point of reference both for the leading companies in machine tool construction and for the construction of moulds, providing sale, planning, consulting and technical support services.

Boma2015 srl.

Boma2015 was created from a business unit of the tour operator Il Diamante, which has been operating in the tourism sector since 1980, in order to encourage investments and project development in the sector without impacting on the organization and distribution of tourism products. It aims at being a means for publicizing and supporting the co-financing of new ideas in tourism.

Iniziativa Case srl.

Iniziativa Case has been operating for over ten years now in the building, renovation, and restoration of civil, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing buildings and properties, in view of their market re-positioning and enhancement. It operates mainly in Ivrea, where it is headquartered, and in the Canavese area.

ManitalIdea spa.

ManitalIdea was established in 2001 and combines the skills and know-how developed by Manital over the years. ManitalIdea works to assist clients in managing real estate assets with the specific goal of enhancing the asset under management, through service engineering, wide-ranging consulting support, and solutions to improve every single parameter of performance of the building.

Message spa.

Message has been active for over fifteen years in the sector of online corporate communication services, mainly with a focus on listed companies. It has offices in Ivrea, Milan, and Warsaw, where it works to serve Italian and European clients, managing all aspects of institutional communication for them, including strategy and positioning definition and the consequent operational implementation on the various media.

Mongar srl.

Mongar has been operating in the real estate sector since 2003 and manages the acquisition, enhancement, and commercialization of tertiary and residential properties. It provides services related to the design, realization, and marketing of new buildings and relevant lease arrangements.

Perino Immobili snc.

Perino Immobili has been promoting new civil and commercial initiatives in the area of Ivrea for over 60 years now; it leases and sells its buildings guaranteeing quality standards, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Polma costruzioni ss.

Polma costruzioni, incorporated in Ivrea in 1949, is now a holding company belonging to the Manera family. It manages the development of real estate projects.

Progind srl.

Progind has been operating in the sector of mould construction for over forty years; it specializes in the design, construction, and mass production of plastic parts. Thanks to technology and innovation, it has become a qualified partner in the automotive industry and also in the sectors of electric household appliances and office machinery. It provides Customers with a comprehensive service, including quick turnaround times, timely deliveries, product accuracy, and testing.

Tesi srl.

Tesi has been active for thirty years, making business processes more efficient through standardization and automation. Tesi operates in the sector of Business Process Outsourcing. It provides consultancy and high value-added services for process management in administrative and accounting contexts.



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